With the concern for school security ever in the public eye, all 50 states have upgraded penalties for drug offenses made in areas that are considered protected school zones. For example, a man recently facing up to 25 years in prison for drug charges may have had a lesser sentence before security laws were enhanced. The 18-year-old from this scenario was arrested based on allegations that he was selling drugs near an Iowa elementary school. Today, the distance from the school plays a key role in the charges, which means his time will be greater if he is convicted.

In this situation, the man was arrested on charges that he was selling marijuana to a male teen in the parking lot of The Sugar Shack. The event occurred on March 4th around 12:00 pm. The Sugar Shack is a convenience store as well as a small town ministry building and is located across the street from Monroe Elementary School, which means it happened within 1,000 feet from the school, which is a drug-free zone by law.

After the incident, the suspect was arrested and was taken to the county jail on bond of $50,000. His charges include a felony of distributing within 1,000 feet from a school. Additionally, he faced a possession with intent to deliver marijuana felony.

The key factor, in this case, is the location. Because the event occurred in such a short distance from a school, the charges for the crime increased. The accused will most likely want to seek legal counsel, especially from an experienced criminal defense attorney. An attorney with experience in criminal law will be able to work with the defendant to build a case that can lead them toward the best possible outcome.

Regardless of the charges and the severity, someone in Iowa that’s being faced with a drug charge will benefit the most from professional advice and representation of an attorney that’s worked with similar cases. Depending on the case at hand, it’s possible that an experienced criminal attorney can significantly lessen the charges of the accused.